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Multiple features all on one easy to use,

reliable platform to make working with data swift and simple for everyone. 

Single job booking screen

Single Jobs

Manage different shipments by sea, land or air. Our single job booking enables you to create essential shipment documents including - Certificate of Shipment, Booking Confirmation, Delivery Note, Bill of Lading.

Add detailed waypoints for collections and deliveries to manage complex shipments. Invoice and reconcile in any currency. Include comprehensive cargo descriptions.

Grouped Jobs

Efficiently manage grouped automated financial costing and document generation.

Track volume via the master dashboard, update cargo details with QR scanning, and generate flexible invoices for customers.

Grouped job booking screen
Sales CRM Screen

Sales CRM

Handy QR and business card scanners to instantly add leads to the CRM, ensuring accurate, up-to-date records and seamless integration of customer information.

Enhanced accessibility, communication, and relationship building, with direct links to quotes, booked jobs, and grouped jobs.

Customer management

A directory of your customers which can be filtered by column and tailored by individual users.

An overview of your customers with profiles showing details and communication history.


Customer Management screen
Dashboard and report

Dashboards & reports

A comprehensive and flexible suite of reporting tools. 

Choose from pre-installed standard dashboards and reports or build your own.

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will be happy to help. 

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